And I Would Be A Stormy Sea
Alex Adrift
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Ten random things hmmmmm…

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  1. This is what I look like: image
  2. Redvines are my favourite candy.
  3. I do prosthetic makeup for stage and film.
  4. I sculpt cakes like you see on those TV shows.
  5. My favourite colours are green and blue, or a blend of.
  6. I learned to shoot a gun before I learned to ride a bike.
  7. I’m currently in the middle of True Blood season 4.
  8. I cosplay as River Song
  9. I’m into a ton of diff fandoms, and I write fanfic for several of them. (I think my mun page lists several.)
  10. I’m going to a convention next weekend because Amanda Tapping thats why! I have photo ops and am super excite. (too bad my face will ruin the pics lol)
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Interview excerpts with Alex about her experience on ER. Stumbled on this and have never seen it before. Figured I would share. 

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"You get the script back on two conditions, Matt"2nd one, still from Areyoumarriedriver’s fic.


"You get the script back on two conditions, Matt"
2nd one, still from Areyoumarriedriver’s fic.

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Unexpected Company


She wondered, for a brief moment, if Alex had seen another one of her faces, though she then remembered Alex saying that she had expected the two of them to meet, which meant this was their first time speaking to one another.

"Months? Good amount of time to be in a neighborhood. Means you’re used to it, you know all the places to go and things to do." Yep, she was babbling already.

"Changing universes?" This caught the Doctor’s attention. “Where are you originally from then?"

Alex gave her a shrug. She hadn’t actually explored her city with the same enthusiasm that she might have if she hadn’t been upset with her change in circumstance. At first it had been too much like accepting it all, though gradually she had begun to. “I’ve become fairly well acquainted with it more recently I suppose.”

Explaining how she got here was always a bit of a challenge. “I don’t exactly know how I ended up here, just that I have. I mean I’m from here, just not this here. In my universe…you don’t exist, at least not outside of fiction.”

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Alexandra. She played with the name a little in her head, trying it on, poking it, rolling it over her mental tongue. River liked it. It was beautiful, graceful - maybe a little regal, like Inara was. The role of actress seemed to fit her. River wondered why she’d stopped. In a way, Alex could be a bit like her, she mused. River had stopped functioning as a girl a long time ago. Of course, that hadn’t been a choice. Perhaps Alex hadn’t had a choice either? Leaning back on the bench, she played with her fingers a bit distractedly before asking, “What are you now?” 


Alex chuckled at River’s question and eyed her sketch pad. “An art teacher actually. Though I suppose that’s questionable today. I teach classes at a school and sometimes private lessons as well.” She wondered if River was perhaps alone here, she seemed like she perhaps ought not to be, except that wasn’t quite it either. There was just something about her couldn’t quite put her finger on. “What about you? What do you do with your time?”

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Helen leaned back in her chair, resting a hand in her lap as she sipped at the iced tea she’d ordered. She wasn’t above altering her love for tea slightly due to the warm weather. While London wasn’t particular /warm/ compared to where she’d just vacationed in Italy, it was still a bit too warm for hot tea. “Traveling is a favored hobby of mine.” Helen smiled at her. She reached up and took her hand happily. “Helen. A pleasure, Alex. You’ll have to forgive me for asking because I’m absolutely rubbish with names - but have we met before?”


"Lovely to meet you as well Helen." She paused for a moment before continuing. "I don’t think so," Alex said with a shake of her head. "I’m…" She had been about to say not from around here, except that would have sounded silly. She was from England, she’d lived in London quite often. Just not this London in this England. “I’m terrible with names as well, but faces I’m usually quite good with. “So when you’re not letting complete strangers intrude on you, what do you do?”

M!A High Class Prostitute || Open

Alex smoothed her hands over the elegant dress she was wearing, the soft click of her heels were masked by the soft carpeting in the hallway. She hadn’t been here before, to her it was just an appointment address on a slip of paper that she’d been handed. She glanced at the clock of her mobile, precisely on time, before tucking it away in her clutch purse. She licked her lips and tucked an errant curl behind her ear before knocking on the door.

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Anonymous → m!a Alex believes she's a high-class prostitute for 3 days.


Um…oh god. I mean, sure why not.

I’ll make an open starter for this in a moment.

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"Bet you like being given orders, although i’m not sure you’re use to it" Matt thought out loud. It was all too easy to sit around and think about Alex’s sex life - or how it had been portrayed on screen anyway. Even on a PG rated show she filled the screen with sexual tension. Maybe he was just use to River Song being in charge and implying things with handcuffs.

Of course Alex was the world’s biggest flirt, but he wondered just how kinky she was. Did she like being ordered, messed around even? He doubted it, due to mostly speculation but he knew a bit about her first marriage and it made his head spin whenever e thought of someone treating Alex so badly. 

He lets out a deliberate sigh as she touches his hair and then sticks his tongue out to prove how mature he is. “Maybe i’m just younger than you thought, I do that a lot with you. I swear you’re 35” he counters, sounding deadly serious. He runs his own hand across his head and gives her a brooding look. “A bad boy? Nice, that means sexy right?”


Alex arches her eyebrow a little higher. Shes not sure if he’s flirting now or if that was genuine, sometimes he’s hard to read. She’s always wondered about Matthew in a certain light, with their chemistry it would have been impossible not to. Though she hadn’t ever actually admitted any of it seriously. She might tease him about certain things but outing it was a whole different game, one she wasn’t confident in at all. He was nearly twenty years younger, not to mention she had to share a screen with him still.

Contrary to the train of thought, Alex gives him a predatory smile, the one she’s trademarked as that of River Song. She ignores the comment about her age, and the urge to roll her eyes again. Instead she leans in just a bit, playing a round of his own game, trying to see at what point me high back away uncomfortably. “Mmm very sexy darling. Doubly so in just the towel. Though I have to admit, when I picture this it’s with you pushing wet fringe away from your eyes.” She fights the momentary urge to be horrified that she’s just said that. Hopefully he wont take it any more seriously than any other thing she says when they banter like this.

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